This just in: Argentina is a country in South America

Astonishing story…

I just returned from Monolo’s Pizza & Empanadas for a nice lunch. Monolo’s is an interesting place, I wouldn’t call it great food, but it is decent, and its best contribution to the world are its meat empanadas alla Argentina. I know they aren’t perfect (as my good Argentinian friend Mauricio is quick to point out), but they are pretty good, and better yet, they’re cheap. Today, as I was paying for my lovely pick 3 San Telmo Carne emps. I remarked to the impressionable looking clerk how it was nice to be able and find decent meat emps. this far from Argentina. To my horror, his response was a friendly, yet mind numbing, “Argentina, what’s that?” I did a Warner Brother’s-esque double take replying, “Argentina, you know, the country?!” “That’s a country?!”, he balked in amazement, “Where is it?” Wow. So I kindly enlightened him to the geography of South America, to which in gratitude he said, “Well, what do you expect, I’m American.”

If there was ever a more profound sign that our nation’s public education system is in shambles, I couldn’t tell you.


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