What I am up to instead of blogging…

Currently, in list form:

  1. Creating a design channel for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling.
  2. Making a book chapter, and a poster out of results for point 1
  3. Processing GPS data from recent field work to the Wabash River cut off in southern Illinois
  4. Writing and editing a grant for LIDAR ASLM data (really high quality topographic mapping) for point 2
  5. Processing ADV flow data I took on the Embarras River in June
  6. Comparing results of point 5 to data taken in the same spot 10 years ago, and writing an article about it
  7. Producing a abstract for said work in points 5 & 6 to submit to the national geography conference (AAG) in Las Vegas
  8. Reading the latest and greatest articles in 8 different journals I keep tabs on (yesterday I read 5 articles, hoping for another 5 today)
  9. Taking 2 classes, on of which is Sediment Transport, which is kicking my ass, but is highly satisfying (read: I’m a masochist)
  10. Fighting some serious problems in the homework from sediment transport class in point 9, but enjoying the other as a nice relief…
  11. Thinking about the structure of my proposal, and trying to read relevant literature to help me figure out what the hell I am trying to figure out…
  12. Watching the economy shudder, even as the ‘fundamentals are [apparently] strong’
  13. I’m sure I forgot something…

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