An obscure reference

Very aptly drawn cartoon from the New Yorker below, even better if you know the back story. Comment if you do, I’ll post the back-story at the end of the week otherwise. Good luck!

(Photo credit witheld until the end of the week to keep from giving it away…suffice to say…it is not my work)


2 responses to “An obscure reference

  1. Hmmmm… I don’t catch whatever reference this is, other than pointing to Palin’s idiotic “I have experience in foreign policy because I can see Russia from my backyard” comments. My google friends tell me the name of this is “Room with a View,” but I don’t see any other similar images from that book / film, so… enlighten us, Frank!

  2. This is a reference to a 1976 New Yorker cover looking at the rested of the United States from 9th Ave. in NYC:

    Sorry to take so long to post the answer…

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