Running my life

As usual, I am sorry for the dearth of postings as of late. As it is, I writing this an hour before a midterm, simply to try and calm my mind. It is a good semester so far, but in a way that is very, very busy, and honestly stretching my capability to keep up. Wish me luck.

I am loving my Sediment Transport course. It is very insightful, and is a great way for me to get used to MATLAB to boot. It is also time consuming to the max. I have spent basically around 40 hours a week on that course alone. Somewhere in there, I am also taking another course, writing a proposal, abstract, and a book chapter, and much more. So far I haven’t blown up, but I would be lying to you if I said I have been keeping up. Some things are just going to have to wait :/

But not this blog, at least not anymore.

So the big news is that I have continued running, depsite school woes (or perhaps because of). I am running between 3 and 4 times a week, with varying distances, but it is getting better. I have a pretty solid ten minute mile, and my body is pretty much used to the pounding, so things are smoother, and recovery is quick. All of these things have me hopeful for my next goal:

I am going to run the Illinois Half-Marathon on April 11.

I am very excited about this. Obviously I am in the ‘build the base’ phase of training, and I will likely take a 10 week approach to real training closer to race time (Febuary). I took my first ‘long run’ on Friday of 4.2 miles (time was 42 minutes), and then followed that up Saturday with a 27 mile moderate paced (we averaged 16mph) bike ride in the country. I was figuring I would be in trouble on the ride, but I felt fine. I was really amazed actualy. Today, I am back to my regular workout of a 3 mile track run, and some push-ups and sit-ups.

As some of you know, I had basically platued with my weight loss a few months ago. Now, with the increased routine, pounds are coming off again, so I am excited about that as well. I think it is amazing how quick the body adapts to punishment. It was only the beginning of last summer that I started increasing the pace, and then I could only run 500 yards (though I guess I could bike 30 miles). In just a short while, I am finding that I am capable of really getting around.

So cheer me on, and I’ll try and post some progress here.

In the meantime, chew on this:


One response to “Running my life

  1. Hey Frank! Solid job on the running. Keep it up. Maybe we can hit the wild running trails of SA aka Northwest Military in December.

    And I’m gonna go ahead and give that LOL Together an official Nyet Jones “F minus.”

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