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Well, I’d have to say it has been a good week. Temps warmed up into the 60s, and we saw the ground (and dead grass) for the first time in over a month. I ran over 8 miles yesterday, and didn’t die, I gained a committee member, and I played frisbee/listened to Talking Heads Remain in Light. Hmm, seems all that’s missing is a unretrained disdain for Fry’s soundtrack choices and some ‘good-D’.

In all seriousness, this week has been just short of awesome. The highpoints are that Gary Parker aggreed to be on my committee, and is very interested in my work. Parker is (in my opinion) one of the worlds foremost experts on river meandering migration, among many other things. And besides, he has a cat named Excel 2000 (his other cat is named Lucky…because he wasn’t named “Excel 2000”). Since my research is right in that vein (i.e., meander migration processes), I don’t know that I could do any better than to have him on my committee. The U of I really does have just the perfect intersection of river scientists, and I happened to show up right in the middle of it all. Yay me!

The weather has perked up a bit the last few days, though it is very rainy, and today a dose of bone chillin’ reality will settle in. I took full advantage of the warm temps however and did my long run Tuesday. Got in 8.13 miles, with an average pace of 12:20. Not bad for somebody who has never trained to run before! The cool thin is that it felt so good. Nothing hurt, I wasn’t fatiged, it was just…zen. I can see why people get so addicted to running. It is a big year for me fitness wise. I am already at my lightest since my sophomore year, and I am definitly in the best cardiovascular fitness of my life. My rest HR hovers at 45 bpm, and I don’t start ‘losing my breath’ unless I really force it. That’s a nice feeling!

This summer, in addition to the half marathon in April, I am planning on going with a group from church on a 5-day bike tour up the Upper Peninsula. It’s 341 miles long right now, though the route may be adjusted a bit. Here is a map

Oh, and regardless, we will be going West to East, not like the map implies (predominant winds are from the West…can we say HEADWIND?)

Yesterday I also happened to catch some friends out in the quad throwing some disc, and they beckoned me to join. Good times. No ultimate, just tossing the disc around, but I forgot how soothing it is to see it soar, and how satisfying it is to feel it thud into your waiting hands. Thanks guys, I enjoyed that! Oh, and I guess if you count not spilling my coffee, “Did not spill my drink”, then by tenuous exptrapolation I can say I did indeed have some good-D. Ha, okay enough of that.

Today I am digging in (after this post obviously) to finish writing a grant proposal for the Lewis & Clark Field Research grant. If I get it, it will basically cover all my realted travel expenses for my dissertation, and could be worth up to $4k  towards my research. I’ll let you know how it goes. On a sadder, but related note, I did not get the NCALM grant (I believe I posted about it here), but it was obvious to me that this was a ‘cliquish’ sort of ordeal, and unfortunately I guess I was not one of the cool kids. Oh well, it was not actually for my research anyway.

Also on recommendation from Nate, I procured some Talking Heads music. Right now I have Remain in Light, and the Best Of…I’ll be building on that however. I knew TH had some hits, namely Burning down the House & Once in a Lifetime, but I hadn’t ever listened to any of their other sugary new wave disco sweetness. I like. Thanks for the recommendation Nate! In doing a little reading, I learned that Byrne released several solo albums in the last 5 or so years. I wonder if those are up to par..I may have to investigate further…and I must admit I am interested in how he ‘played a building’ in New York.

Alright, enough for now. I did buy a bike this weekend, but since I haven’t taken pics, I’ll wait to share its sexy physique…


2 responses to “Recent Events

  1. 1. Congrats on the committee member, Frank! Good times.

    2. Frisbee and TH??? What is this, Single White Female?

    3. Check out older TH for more post-punk, angular stuff. They really are fantastic, even if they faded a little bit right at the end.

    4. I have enjoyed all of the later David Byrne stuff I’ve listened to, but it’s definitely restrained compared to TH. You should check it out, though. If you want something entirely NOT restrained, seek out David Byrne & Brian Eno’s Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Seminal patchwork WEIRD alum.

    5. I reiterate that you should buy/see/rent Stop Making Sense. It is so good it makes me sad that other bands fall so short in live performance.

  2. Hmmm… I just enjoy reading anything you write about.

    Love ya

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