Life goes by fast!

It’s been too long! I think a bullet list of life events in semi-chonologic order is called for.

Let’s see, I guess the last time I posted I was about to run a half marathon, so I’ll start there:

Some pics (proof):

Marathon imagesBullets ensue.

  • Obviously, I ran the Illinois half marathon. The pic with the clock is my gun time. My chip time was 2:47:28, giving an average pace of 12:47. My goal time (at race pace for me) was 2:45, so I was very happy with this result. It was an amazing experience, and I’ll do it again for sure, perhaps even the marathon next year!
  • I lost my field site for the PhD! The land owner (manager really) decided he had enough of us working out there, so he pulled the plug. It’s okay though, as I already have a new site, and in some ways it is even better. The only bad thing is that I have to establish all of the survey control and those things at the new site. The old site was ready to go…oh well.
  • I got some grants, didn’t get others. I got a Fellowship for one semester of next year, I’ll probably take it in the Spring. Also, I got about $1000 in grant money to help in my field work. Unfortunately I did not get the Lewis and Clark grant. I’ll try again next year. Also I’ll be submitting a proposal for the NSF DDRI, for up to $12k, so we’ll see on that
  • I (we) submitted an AGU book chapter, so after it’s reviewed I should have my first publication. Also, I’m working now on an article about my old site (and a proposal, and, and, and…you get the point)
  • My step-mom is recovering from cancer surgery, and finds out about further treatment next week. She is doing great, and I’m very glad she came through okay. She is strong, and I know she’ll do great through the upcoming treatments.
  • I leave Sunday for a 5 day supported 352 mile bike tour of the Michigan Upper Peninsula with some friends from Church. I’ve been training, but I’m nervous about this one. Illinois is flat, the UP is not. Also I haven’t ridden that  far before. However, I am also incredibly excited about it too. I can’t wait!

There is probably more, but at least this gives you guys an idea. I’ll post ride reports and the like next week once I return. I can taste your anticipation! 😉


One response to “Life goes by fast!

  1. Oh yeah? So what does MY anticipation taste like? h mmmmm? lol

    You are incredible kiddo!
    Love ya!!

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