Tour de UP – Day Zero

So before we leave on the Tour, I thought it might be good to lay out the details of where we are going, etc.

I’ll be riding my very comfy 1990 Trek 330.

Tour de UP 001I bought this from a good friend for $150 and have been getting it ready for this tour ever since. I rebuilt the rear wheel, changed the gears/crank, and even gave it a wax job 😉 Jordan is coming along too, and should ride about 40 miles or so, so I’m excited about that as well.

Here is the route, a total of 352 miles (I can’t get the embedded maps to scroll correctly, but I promise the route is there…):

Day 1, 72 miles
Start Point: Sylvania
Destination: Union Bay Campground

Day One

Day 2, 60 miles
Start Point: Porcupine Mts. State Park
Destination: Baraga State Park

Day Two

Day 3, 74 miles
Start Point: Baraga State Park Entrance
Destination: Marquette Tourist Park Camp

Day Three

Day 4, 90 miles (optional century)
Start Point: Marquette Tourist Park Camp
Destination: Big Cedar Campground

Day Four

Day 5, 56 miles
Start Point: Big Cedar Campground
Destination: Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Day Five


4 responses to “Tour de UP – Day Zero

  1. I think Red is such a lovely color!!

    Good luck, and have SAFE fun.

  2. Did you make the nude run last night? A bunch of them in Portland did.

  3. Today is Monday, June 15th. Very special day kiddo!

    Happy Birthday!!! 😀

    ps: Nude run? Did ja? Huh? lol

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! From G’ma and G’pa. We love you both!

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