New Post? Sure, why not.

As is typical, I have gotten far behind in informing the masses (albeit minuscule) who want to know the know of my life as of now. I can’t help it. Several factors prevent me from being better about such things, the foremost two being 1) I’m lazy, and 2) I’m busy. What can you do, huh?

Let’s see. I just saw Ron and Pat off to San Antonio via a stint in St. Louis this morning. Pat somehow avoided crying until she got in the car. Don’t worry Pat, Jordan and I shed a tear or two also. We love, love having you guys up to visit, and it really is hard to say goodbye. Alas, we will meet again soon! It was a great time. Lots ‘o catching up, and a good dose of Ron puns abounded. I got to flash my cooking muscle, and prepared a couple of good meals, which is always a plus. And most cosmopolitan of all, we all hoped in our 209k mile-old Honda and made a beeline for Chicago. It was basically just a day trip on steroids (speaking of, we found out from a host of happy blue wearing drunk guys on the Red Line that the Cubs won out over the Cards. while we were hitting the town hard). We took another Chicago Architecture Foundation walking tour (you’ve got to go on one of these if you have the opportunity), and then we walked in Grant Park, then up to the Mag. Mile for some more walking and dinner before heading home. We arrived at our hotel ($60/night in the Rosemont Hyatt via btw…sweet) Friday night, got to the Loop Saturday about 10:30a, and finally back in the car on the Tri-State by 10:30p. Ron figures we walked 10 miles. I’m not so sure, but kudos to all for not breaking into a heap of swollen, sore mush. It was a great trip! Next time, we’ll have to hit some of the museums!

As is typical for the summer, I’ve been up to my neck in fieldwork. The good news is that I have a killer tan…and no moles/spot (yes mom, I wear sunscreen), and best of all I have my new site pretty much ready to go for measurement. That’s about a month ahead of where I thought I’d be, so great! The bad news is that the manuscript I’m supposed to have been writing has taken a back seat to everything else, despite my best efforts. Hopefully I’ll crank that out in August. I’m working on (in a pseudo class) the linearized governing equations of uniform bend flow (don’t ask), hopefully that will work out. It’s way more math than I’m used to, and a big stretch for my small little head. Just to piss you off, here is a sampling (the final linearized steady forms of 1) continuity, 2) Momentum in the transverse direction, 3) Momentum in the streamwise direction for uniform flow in a curved channel):


I’m also working hard on wrapping my head around a proposal, and my own research. You would be amazed at how incredibly difficult that is to handle (Nate – I’m sure you’re also encountering that hurdle, good luck man!). As a brainstorming/head tutelage exercise, I may post my posits here for general critiquing in late summer…

Let’s see what else. As of Wednesday, Jordan and I will have been together 4 beautiful years of marital bliss. It’s a great feeling to realize it only seems like 2, and surprisingly morbid. if 4 years feel like 2, 40 will likely feel like 20 (that is if the relationship is linear, it’s likely an allometric exponential function, and thus 40 may be like 2.3). I love my time with Jordan, and admittedly I’m stingy. The idea of our time flying by together is honestly a bit unsettling. Oh well, that’s life, and I’m glad to be on the boat.

Through a lot of introspection recently I’ve been looking at the world in different shades. Perhaps amidst the fieldwork, academic writing, and continuing life business, I’ll try fleshing some of it out here, but I think for now I’m done. Glad to write a little here today, and hopefully you’re glad to read it!


One response to “New Post? Sure, why not.

  1. I shall work backward today. First… always, always glad to read it. Second.. yep, good thing sunscreen!, and thirdly.. you already sound like a Doctor with your writing skills and your personality splashed in amongst the philosophy and mathmatics you twitter about. It’s always a fascination for me to read your postings, but it’s also a spine tingling thrill to watch your mastery of the language grow as well.
    Loving it, Son… just loving it.
    Happy Aniversary Kiddo…

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