Trying Something a little bit different

Well, it was time to reinstall my OS on my trusty laptop. Things were sluggish, and the poor little thing was just struggling to stay afloat. I went ahead and pulled a different stroke, and installed Windows 7 RC. So far I really like it. It has all of the nice features I like in Vista, like a text driven launcher, and built in indexed search engine for example. Also, W7, has some pretty cool eye candy I must admit – the ‘aero peep’ and ‘shake out’ are my two favs I think. Best of all though, I was able to change to a 64 bit system, which is sailing along quite nicely on my 1.5 year old Intel Duo-Core. The PC is running quicker than it ever did, even when new. Awesome.

So I’ve restored all my data, and installed the massive software I use for various technical computing (e.g., MATLAB, ArcInfo, TecPlot, etc) and so far no hitches. All of the older 32 bit stuff I was worried about seems to work fine on the 64 bit OS. We will see if this continues to be the case. I have some really old stuff I need to run later, and truthfully I am worried about that. I guess if it doesn’t run, I do have a couple of field laptops with the stuff already installed, so I guess I can just use them.

This week has been nice, I’ve had a chance to catch up on some of the heap of articles I’ve needed to read, and I am even getting a rough proposal put together…slowly that is.


One response to “Trying Something a little bit different

  1. 😀

    I comment because I am! Ha!
    Hope your new OS works as good in 6 months… sounds cool.

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