And so much for using speech dictation to write my dissertation

As I continue to play around with Windows 7, I am having a great time. Today’s jewel: Built in Speech Recognition and dictation capabilities. While an incredibly fun way to write a letter, and a good way waste precious proposal writing time, I don’t think it’s quite ready for the ‘rigors’ of writing in academese.

Case in point, I just used speech dictation to record the Abstract of a recent article I read this week (See the real abstract here: )

Here is what I ended up with (we all need a little Channel Courage!):

A model of equilibrium that topography for me and are bands with the ruble banks.


Channel courage are produces secondary times and a transfer is sloping taleban, along with the debt increases towards the other bank. As a result the polls to the form adjacent to the other day, promoting bank collapse. The interaction of seven and grains of the primary and secondary flows and the transfer sloping bad also causes meanders to move different brain sizes and different proportions and directions, resulting in a consistent soaring pattern. Several malls have involved to describe this process, but they’ve all the potential to over predict holdouts because they cannot account for the implausible readable banks. In reality, bank class might lead to development of a wire, shallower cross section in any resulting flood that discrepancy can bias associated predictions of flow, seven transport, and brain size sorry. While that poverty, seven and transporting rates soaring and then school will be part of a controlled by the sedimentary characteristics of the bank materials, the magnitude of this affect has not previously been explored. This paper reports of the vulnerable model flow, seven transport, brain size sorry, and that part of the river beds available banks. The models tested via inter pares some of the ticket and observe that on the one low energy and one high energy study rage, namely the river’s south ask in Scotland a good win three in Mississippi, respectively. Model predictions of that fire fever found to be satisfactory, at least close of the auspices of the bands. Finally, the mullahs use insensitivity announces that provide insight into the influence of Banco De Leon equilibrium and Emma Olivier and


4 responses to “And so much for using speech dictation to write my dissertation

  1. Sounds like a nice compact multi livel dissertation. I would not styop now that you have the beginning down pat. Lol!

    They don’t mention, that some people who try to utilize the commercial packages give up due to sore throats and hoarseness.

  2. Uh… okay?

    When did you learn to speak Greek?
    Lol… not really, but it sounded cool. The new program sounds like a lot of fun, but maybe not practical for your needs I guess. The excerpt derailed my feeble mind too much to understand it well. But at least I tried.. πŸ™‚

  3. Aaron has been here for 5 weeks, and Astrid for 2 of those weeks, so I’ve been busy, and out of the loop. I was just reading all of your works posted since they got here, and have a question about using the computer for dictation for your thesis. Don’t you have to hand in a written thesis? What I’m getting at is that an oral presentation will look different on paper than a written one. A person uses different wording on the two types of presentation.
    Just wondering.

  4. No worries Papa Don. I was never seriously entertaining speaking my dissertation into being πŸ˜‰

    Really, I was just playing around with features on my computer. Actually I have to hand in several typed, edited, and meticulously written copies of my thesis once it’s complete.

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