Just way too good not to share

The semester is almost underway. I’m at the point where strangely, I do not have to take courses anymore. I must admit, it feels a little weird, I mean I’ve been taking classes in one way or another for the last 20 years. Yowsa! This semester marks my flight towards full candidacy and the famous ABD stage. I’ll be taking my Prelims in October, and supposedly it’s all downhill from there.

Today, technically, I was supposed to be in the field taking flow measurements at my site. We canned that exercise however, as the flow was never really high enough to justify the cost of going out. Oh well. There will be other flows, and now I am free today to live up to my obligations (I have to run a meeting at 4pm among other things). Maybe today, I can also finally get some headway on the looming tasks before me. I’m really excited about this semester, as I will submit a NSF proposal (and hopefully others), will present at AGU in what looks to be a really awesome session on meandering rivers, write my first academic article, and focus squarely on my own research. Hopefully I can live up to it all and perform well – we’ll see.

I’ll leave you with a math joke from xkcd – Do you know the Leibniz Rule?


5 responses to “Just way too good not to share

  1. Please be aware that I specifically did not post this this morning because I 100% knew you would post it. Great minds, etc. I think this would have flopped as a cheesy pun, but the Newton-as-bad-ass-with-sunglasses-pause sells it big time. Good stuff.

    And congrats on your post-classes status.

  2. Uh…. Miss Piggy Glare!


  3. Congratulatons on your progress!!

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