And a new semester awaits

My last Friday of the summer today. I’ve got a great weekend planned, as my best friend Edgar comes up to visit Chicago for the first time. Jordan and I are going to drive up and meet him for dinner and maybe a little sight-seeing. He’ll be staying with us most of the week, and we are both really excited!

Classes start Monday here at UIUC. Though I am still TAing, plans have changed. Instead of teaching Geography of Developing Countries, I’ll be leading Intro. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) labs. This is essentially the same labs I taught when I was a Masters student at TxState. It should be pretty easy, and I guess realy the workload will be slightly lighter than I would have originally had with the other class.

I’m really looking forward to the structured schedule. It’s been awhile. I’m also heading back to the gym starting today- I should clarify, that though I ‘left’ the gym, it was a fee based absence. They charge an inordinate fee in the summer to continue using the campus rec centers. I expect to barely be able to walk the next week ;).

I’ll be doing total body workouts that are admittedly a little more intense than my usual routines. Over the last couple of years, I’ve maintained a weight, and a base fitness, but I think ‘m ready to actually improve my shape (literally). I’ll be working on a better diet, and focusing gym work to actually build a little muscle rather than just fitness. My end goal for the semester is to be close to the 200 lb mark, which would for my frame be pretty svelt. That would be about 2lbs loss a week, something I think is perfectly attainable.

Good luck everybody with the new semester!


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