Just got to say- had a great workout!

I’ve been hitting the gym for total body workouts 3 times a week, starting this week. As I’d mentioned before, the goal is to be close to or at 200 lbs. by the end of the semester. I’ve been keeping a fairly detailed log of what I do, and so far that’s been incredibly helpful in keeping me on track. I’ve even got the stuff filed- hush, that’s what works for me.

As the title implies, I had a fantastic workout today. I guess it was just far enough along in getting back into a rhythm that I felt strong, vs. worn-out and weak. What’s better is that though I’m sore, the total body approach leaves me feeling ok, even energetic.

Here’s the first workout of the week (8/20):
5 min warm-up (elliptical), 3×10 each on Leg-press (150 lbs), Leg-curl (110), Chest-press (70), Pull-down (90). 2×12 sit-ups, then a 5 min cool-down.

Today’s workout:
10 min warm-up (stationary bike), 3×10 each on Leg-press (180 lbs), Leg-curl (120), Chest-press (85), Pull-down (110). 3×10 sit-ups, 20 mins moderate intensity cardio (stationary bike), then a 5 min cool-down (again on the bike).

Yeah, I know, the big gains are going to happen b/c I haven’t been working out all summer- but it’s still very nice to have such a change, so quick, and not feel as if I got hit by a truck. In the past, I’ve done focused workouts (eg, pects, arms, etc.) rather than emphasizing compound motion total body exercises. Those workout left me in pain for the week, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I dreaded each time I headed to the gym. Now, I’m stoked- I actually wish it was Friday already, so I could go workout some more!

Ok, I guess enough of that. Tonight is Edgar’s last night with us- he came up on Saturday. More on that soon.


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