First TA lab in a few minutes

I’m sitting in my office- during my office hours- listening to the sounds of crikets. Not entirely fair, as it is only the first week of classes, but something tells me this will be a lasting trend this semester. Oh well, it gives me an hour of dedicated work-time which would otherwise maybe be in peril, so I can’t complain.

I teach the first section today, and I am stoked! It’s been awhile, and I do actually enjoy teaching young impressionable minds (if there is still such a thing). Easy-peasy material today, but I’ll still enjoy it- it’s also a full class (there are several on the waiting list).

Well, I’ll report with how it goes!


One response to “First TA lab in a few minutes

  1. I love the sound of crickets… simple, reassuring……

    Sorry not to comment on the other’s so far. Havn’t had a lot of energy for the computer lately. But, like your recent work out activities.. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a loss of 17 #’s since February. Just got home from my regular doctor visit obviously. Woo Hooooo!

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