Here’s a blow by blow.

Wednesday: We left around 4pm from Champaign. The strange thing is that, despite the forecast calling for perhaps a ‘wee’ chance of rain, we started the day out with freezing rain, and as I type this, from a hotel in St. Louis, MO, it’s lightly snowing back home. Go figure. Actually, I can top that- we are currently in a tornado warning here in St. Louis. Global warming, and an increase in extremes? Sure, I’ll buy that. We had a foggy, misty, but thankfully uneventful drive into town. Jordan was craving some STL style pizza (which means gas oven, thin crust w/ provel cheese), so we found a little hole in the wall (literally) near the hotel. It was quite good, but no where near Peroni’s in my opinion. Good news is that it sated Jordan, so  guess that’s what matters. That’s about all I’ve got for today. Really looking forward to tomorrow- just not the get up at 4:45a part. Assuming a tornado doesn’t blow us away, I should have lots more to say tomorrow after dancing with raw turkey…

Thursday (Turkey Dance Day): Well, the travel really went great overall. Jordan and I “sprang” to life at 4:45a (just a hint of sarcasm…) and headed to long-term parking. With the national media hullabaloo about the X-ray backscatter machines, we were more than a little stressed that things wouldn’t be so nice to get from the parking lot to the gate. Jordan was planning on requesting a pat down, rather than go through the imagers- and I would have joined her. I guess here, I should add a little context. Jordan is pregnant again!!! She’s been struggling with morning sickness, and we didn’t want to have her exposed to more radiation than is absolutely necessary. Actually though, we were worried all for no reason. It only took us 20 minutes to get through security. They did have the body scanners, but actually they were not using them. We went through normal security procedure (shoes off, metal detector, etc.). Our flights went on schedule, and we arrived safely in San Antonio. Edgar picked us up, which was nice. Once home, we pretty much settled in, then headed over to Linda and Dave’s for the famous turkey dance. I guess I can’t make you wait any longer:

Friday: The day after is always for total relaxation 🙂 Jordan, Pat and I took a nice walk through the new Salado Creek greenbelt, and the rest of the day was pretty much spent on our butts. I guess that’s not all that true. We went with the Johnson clan to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1. Very cool movie, and so well done! I loved it. The best part though was the kid behind us saying “Aw man!” at the end scene. Classic. For dinner we had the traditional leftover re-Thanksgiving feast at Max’s house.

Saturday: Another pretty simple day. Just filled with relaxation and visiting. I did enjoy watching the OU v OSU game, and thinking about my friends Amy and Katie who had a lot of shame riding on whether their team won or lost. I figure since the Horns imploded this season, I can pay attention to other teams, even if that includes OU. We had Bill Miller, and just made it a wonderfully simple day.

Sunday: Sunday, bloody Sunday…well for the bird that hit our plane that is. Our flight was cancelled because the plane hit a large bird on the approach to landing. Everybody was safe, but it put a large, quite visible dent in the tail of the aircraft. What was most unfortunate was that we actually began to board. We were in line to board- a ritzy couple cut us in line very intentionally, because they were first class. Then they scanned my boarding pass. I walked down the gate, as they shut the door on Jordan! I got very lucky, because the co-pilot came up and was discussing that the bird had struck the plane right in front of me in the gate with another worker. I asked if I could go back and join my wife, who was looking all doe-eye at us through the gate door, and they caved. The rest of the people had to board- including the first-classers who cut us in line. Justice. Very soon after, the gate attendant offcially said the flight was cancelled, and told everybody to go to the ticket counter to re-book. They didn’t let people off the plane for 30-40 mins. Luckily, since I had avoided that fate, and we hadn’t checked bags, we got to the front of the line to re-book!

It being the Sunday after Thanksgiving, of course there were no seats left on pretty much any flights, so we got rebooked to leave Monday, catching the last couple of seats on those flights as well. I can’t imagine when the other 100+ people behind us got home. Even the drive home was interesting, because there was a major mid-latitude cyclonic storm ravaging the entire mid-section of the country. We had pouring rain and gusty wind all the way home.

So it was a wonderful time with family, and friends. It was also full of adventure, so what can you say! Peace Out.


One response to “Thanksgiving

  1. Wow…. great adventure! And thankyou so much for the turkey dance… this one has been one of the best yet!!!

    Love you both… Mom (hmm… grnma?..gammy?… ma-mah?.. gonna have to think that one over.. 🙂 🙂

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