Gearing up for the start of things

Well, the new semester is looming, and I’m getting ready for it the best way I can…by writing a quick blog post.

I’ll be teaching an Intro level course in Physical Geography this semester. I’m not reinventing the wheel by any means, this is a standard course taught in every Geography department across the country. However, it will be a challenge, because I have to also keep up with my dissertation research.

Actually, although I expect it to be a whole lot of work, I am very excited about it. This is essentially, exactly what I’ll be doing once I finish the doctorate- teaching, and managing my research projects simultaneously.

Speaking of, how is the research going, you may ask? All in all, pretty okay. It was a dry summer, so I didn’t get the amount of field data I was hoping for, and although we had a snowy December, the melt came on New Years Eve and Day- pretty much the only time during the winter which guarantees I can’t get a proper field crew together to go out and actually measure. So, I missed the melt. There is still a lot of winter ahead of us though, so maybe it will still work out. I need to measure/capture at least three separate flood events before I’ll feel like I’m doing alright for my dissertation research. So this Spring and Summer are pretty vital if I want to finish by Summer 2012.

Most of the winter break so far I have been sieving massive amounts of sediment, and though I’ve made tremendous progress, I’ve still got about half of the work to go. It’s monotonous, brain-numbing work that leaves me dusty inside and out, but at least it’s easy to do. Once I’ve got that step done, I’ll be set to do some cool flow modeling, so I’m looking forward to getting that out of the way.

On the life front, I’m going to be a DAD!! Jordan is pregnant, and is currently about 12.5 weeks. Look at this little guy/girl:

How can I not be in love with that?! Jordan is due in July, so this will add another layer of goodness to the mix to manage, but I am excited beyond belief anyway. I guess I will not have the luxury of laziness at all this year huh?

With a baby (planned!) on the way, the future is looming large in my mind. I’m soon to be facing a job decision. Jordan and I love our church, and there is more than a little heart-tug which wants us to stay, at least for a few years here. Then again, there is also a large desire to move back to Texas to be closer to the bulk of our family and grandparents. All of this though begs the question of what kind of job will I be able to find? Am I going to even have the opportunity at a job where I want it? Most of you know Jordan and I are devout Christians- this will be a year of a lot of prayer on this matter. We’re praying for discernment on what and where I’ll do/go, and also just to let go and remember that God is in control. I’m sure I’ll write more about such things this year.


2 responses to “Gearing up for the start of things

  1. So good to read your update. I’ve never wished for flood events before, but it looks like it’s time to start (at least for your river). I don’t know two people better equipped to handle the challenges ahead. You and Jordan will get through this stage of life and later wonder how in the world you did it. Know that you have lots of support from family that loves you.

  2. I agree with Pat. And…what a wonderful life the two of you are heading for. Like wine, life gets better with age…. ha ha. Bless you both, Uhm I mean, bless all three of you!!.

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