Gabrielle Giffords and Political Discourse

I wanted to mention that I am frustrated by some in my party’s choice to use the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords as a weapon against far-right political discourse. Do I think that violent political discourse is harmful and unproductive? Yes, of course I do, and those that know me, and have read what I’ve posted here will see this is not a new stance of mine. I have decried the lack of moderation in our politic, and the harm in the increase in vitriol and partisanship in our government and society.

However, it is just a continuation of this vitriol to attack the right using the argument that their political rhetoric directly (or even indirectly) led to this terrible tragedy. How is doing this anything different than where we were before?

Russ Douthat wrote an op-ed I firmly resonate with:

After 9/11, the entire nation united for about a week, it was a tremendous moment in the wake of a tragic event. For the first time in my life, I could taste at least in some way what my grandparents felt in the months after Pearl Harbor. However, in the weeks and month after 9/11 what followed was not continued unification, but a drastic increase in partisanship and strife. Now, with the current tragedy, we didn’t even get a week before the fires of partisanship fired right back up. I wonder when this might stop, and where, ultimately this adversarial virus in our country will take us in the coming years.


One response to “Gabrielle Giffords and Political Discourse

  1. Today’s political arena sucks. Hang on…. it’s got to get better eventually… or at least we can learn to live with it and understand it is what it is and not to fall into river of disinformation and drown in it. 😦

    Love ya though!

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